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Roasted Beans and Nibs

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  1. Natural Roasted Cocoa Nibs online - RETAIL
    Natural Roasted Cocoa Nibs online - RETAIL
    ₹ 1,250.00 Onwards
  2. Natural Roasted Cocoa Nibs online - WHOLESALE
    Natural Roasted Cocoa Nibs online - WHOLESALE
    ₹ 1,150.00 Onwards
  3. Alkalized roasted cocoa Nibs - RETAIL
    Alkalized roasted cocoa Nibs - RETAIL
    ₹ 1,390.00 Onwards
  4. Alkalized roasted Cocoa Nibs - WHOLESALE
    Alkalized roasted Cocoa Nibs - WHOLESALE
    ₹ 1,250.00 Onwards
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Roasted Cocoa Beans at Retail and Wholesale in India

 Roasted cocoa beans and roasted cocoa nibs are a great way to achieve better taste and aroma every time. Roasted cocoa beans in India are converted into roasted cocoa nibs by careful roasting in safe environment and husk is removed to achieve ready to use cocoa nibs. The roasted cocoa nibs at retail and wholesale rates are available with COCOABEAN throughout the year. We take care all standard process with right temperature and timing which gives you consistent taste every time.

 How to select roasted cocoa beans in India?

 When it comes to choosing the best quality roasted cocoa beans or raw cocoa nibs, great care is needed. Whether its the rich aroma or the texture, pod size or the fat content inside the cocoa bean, all characteristics together constitute the perfect cocoa bean. When someone is looking for retail or wholesale roasted cocoa bean in India, our website has all the essential varieties of roasted cocoa beans.

We at COCOABEAN assure that every product meets the safety standards and passes through industry recognized roasting guidelines. Hygiene is the most important trait when it comes to having the perfect cocoa beans for chocolates, coffee powder, butter or other indulgences. Cocoa beans provided by us have intact taste and aroma even after roasting. Roasted cocoa beans at COCOABEAN are always made from premium quality cocoa beans.

Benefits of Roasted cocoa bean and raw cocoa nibs

Unsweetened cocoa nibs and roasted cocoa nibs in India are always looked upon as a worthy ingredient in making unique dishes. Many homemakers as well as chocolate and coffee makers prefer raw cocoa nibs and roasted cocoa beans when it comes to making finest quality chocolates, cocoa butter or coffee powder in India. Liquid chocolate makers prefer the organically procured cocoa nibs all over India. Anyone can easily enjoy quality liquid chocolate at home using a wet grinder. Having rich fat content, these cocoa beans are ideal for making cocoa butter and cocoa products used in baking processes. These beans have a great shelf life of six months when stored properly in an air tight container.

 Where to find raw cocoa nibs and roasted cocoa beans in India 

Some unique cocoa products like fermented cocoa nibs and unsweetened cocoa nibs in India can also be purchased online at COCOABEAN. All products in the category are either ‘Retail’ or ‘Wholesale’ products. We at COCOABEAN assure best product quality and timely delivery, no matter whether its retail product or wholesale product. So, go ahead, find yourself the perfect cocoa beans and nibs.