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Cocoa Beans - Premium (Extra Sorted) - RETAIL

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Cocoa Bean - Retail | Premium (Sorted) beans
₹ 820.00 Onwards
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  • Extra sorted Cocoa beans, around 90 beans count per 100 gm.
  • We are doing extra sorting to remove flat, brocken and falty beans, you don't need to do any sorting, and hence no wastage.
  • Organicaly grown and naturaly processed beans.
  • Its Single origin cocoa beansForastero type from our own farm, from Idukki district in Kerala.
  • We are doing fermenation and sun drying in our own facility, and we have 40+ years of experience in this field. So we have the expertise knowledge and processing capability, to ensure the best quality.
  • Cocoa from Idukki district are known for its flavor and aroma. Also these beans having high butter content due to the geographical significance of growing in troppical rainforest in wester ghat region in Kerala.

Premium Quality Cocoa Beans Online for Retail in India

When it comes to finding the perfect cocoa bean for sale, so many considerations have to be taken at once. Whether its the origin of the beans, right fermentation, beans size, richness and aroma which influence the taste and satisfaction level. Pricing and ease of ordering are added factors that make way for an unforgettable cocoabean hunt online. Where to buy cocoa beans is a question that's best answered at! Being one of the premium retail cocoa bean suppliers in India, we have an exclusive palette of cocoa bean products like - online cocoa beans and other cocoa related products.

Single Origin, fermented cocoa beans Online in India

COCOABEAN provides sun dried and uniformly fermented cocoa beans in India. We are following the natural fermentation processing, without any additives to stimulate the process, by keeping in wooden boxes for six to seven days and then drying in sunlight. All our cocoa beans have same fermentation level and are procured from single source. These premium beans are not roasted at all. Our retail premium cocoa beans are bold in size having bean count of 80 to 95 per 100 gms.

After a thorough sorting and cleaning session, these cocoa beans for sale are packed in desired packages once all flat, broken and flat seeds have been removed. With the moisture content of 6 to 7.5%, these online cocoa beans contain less than 5% flat or defective beans (As per international standards of Grade 1 cocoa Beans).

Where to Find Cocoa beans for Sale in India?

At COCOABEAN, finding the retail premium quality cocoa bean is just a matter of few clicks. We take great care in selecting, maturing and organizing each and every cocoa fruit that's grown organically in our farms, leading to the perfect texture, soothing aroma and great quality altogether in a single pod of single source cocoa bean. We adhere to all the standard safety and processing guidelines as per international standards to process our premium quality cocoa beans in India for saleOnline cocoa seeds and online cocoa beans are available with us at reasonable rates and premium quality all-round the year. Exclusive quality cocoa beans are grown in Kerala and are highly rich in fat content which makes it a great choice for cocoa butter in India for sale.

Cocoa bean procured from Kerala is famous for its soothing aroma and rich flavour. Cocoa lovers in India and all over the world prefer our retail premium cocoa beans for making cocoa powder as well as cocoa butter. Bean to bar chocolate is another indulgence that’s born from this high quality cocoa bean. Having a shelf life of six months, it can withstand almost all types of weather conditions provided its stored correctly. Available in quantities of 100 gram, 200 gm, 500 gm, 1kg, and 2 kgs, it takes delivery time of about seven days at max.

How to buy Cocoa beans in India?

You can buy Cocoabeans in India from anywhere at reasonable prices with us. All you need to do is place an order after selecting the product and the quantity followed by payment. To know more about our cocoa seeds for sale, please check out more in our cocoa bean product category.

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Price ₹380.00
Short Content Fermented and Sun dried beans for RETAIL customers. Beans count per 100gm is less than 90 (LARGE BEANS).
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