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Cocoa Powder

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  1. Natural Cocoa Powder - RETAIL
    Natural Cocoa Powder - RETAIL
    ₹ 780.00 Onwards
  2. Natural Cocoa Powder - WHOLESALE
    Natural Cocoa Powder - WHOLESALE
    ₹ 745.00 Onwards
  3. Alkalized (Dutched) Cocoa Powder - RETAIL
    Alkalized (Dutched) Cocoa Powder - RETAIL
    ₹ 710.00 Onwards
  4. Alkalized (Dutched) Cocoa Powder - WHOLESALE
    Alkalized (Dutched) Cocoa Powder - WHOLESALE
    ₹ 790.00 Onwards
  5.  Alkalized (Dutched) Dark Cocoa Powder - RETAIL
    Alkalized (Dutched) Dark Cocoa Powder - RETAIL
    ₹ 830.00 Onwards
  6.  Alkalized (Dutched) Dark Cocoa Powder - WHOLESALE
    Alkalized (Dutched) Dark Cocoa Powder - WHOLESALE
    ₹ 770.00 Onwards
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6 Items

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Cocoa Powder Online

Your search for premium unsweetened Cocoa powder online ends with us, as we are treated as one among the top suppliers from Kerala. Our highly alkalized components give an unmatched flavour to the product. Making it an ideal choice for use in bakery items.

We sell high fat Cocoa powder that could make richest eatables including baked and frozen servings.

Our unsweetened Cocoa powder online has numerous benefits including adding flavour to baked items like Cookies, Cakes and other goods.

The unparallel benefits of our Cocoa powder includes,

  • Rich in chocolate flavour
  • Lower in acidity composition
  • Less prone to dryness
  • High fat content
  • Less moisture absorbing starch

Why buy cocoa powder from us?

We are specialized in offering process cocoa beans online. Our processed product consists flavour that present in higher level along with fat. Which are later grounded into paste. After that whole fat gets removed from the past and delivered as cocoa powder online.

Benefits of our process cocoa powder comprises of,

- We take the cocoa powder under fermentation procedures to add up flavour to it

- To kill micro-organisms we take one more step of roasting it as we done in cocoa beans

We give our promises of delivering quality product to our customer which includes alkalization & fat content.


Cocoa powder are cosidered to be acidic in nature. We neutralize the pH value through a process called alkalization (aka Dutch processing). This enhance the flavour and colour of the cocoa powder also make the powder look rich in colour.

Fat content

In order to avoid stickiness & thickening of baked items we lower the fat content. This is because proportion of fat content impact the outcome of recipe.

We made our Cocoa powder online that are suitable for making range of products that requires further delicacy. Which includes but not limited to as flavour to sauces, for marinating & also as supplements. This is made possible because of the fact that you can find flavour, pH and fat content at right quantity in our products.

We are delivering cocoa powder online from the god's own place, Kerala. In here we bring you natural cocoa powder from processed cocoa solids that are extracted by pressed cocoa liquids. The final product in purely vegan & gluten-free.

The ideal food products that our Cocoa powder would make right fit,

-          Ice creams, milk-based drinks

-          As coating for frozen desserts

-          In making chocolate milk

-          For decoration/finishing on top of cakes

We deliver cocoa powder in a international range of packaging that ensure the safety reach of product in your place.

Getting quality cocoa powder online is just a click away. Select from the range of products available and place your order today. Contact us for more details if required.