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Natural Cocoa Powder - RETAIL

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Natural Cocoa Powder - RETAIL
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  • Unsweetened cocoa powder with an original aroma and flavor, crafted from high-quality beans sourced from the pristine Idukki district in Kerala. 
  • Utilizing a natural cold-press process that carefully preserves its inherent characteristics. 
  • Competitive pricing for our cocoa powder, made possible by overseeing the end-to-end process—from farming to production—allowing us to pass on cost benefits to our valued customers. 
  • assures you the finest chocolate powder available online, ensuring a premium chocolate experience. 
  • Essential for baking needs, our cocoa powder is perfect for a variety of culinary creations, including cakes, baking, and delectable chocolate drinks. 
  • Vegan-friendly cocoa powder, designed to cater to diverse dietary preferences while maintaining the exceptional quality and taste you expect.

Buying Natural Cocoa Powder Online In India

Buying online cocoa powder in India becomes a time consuming task for consumers who are not familiar with the unique qualities of good Natural cocoa powder. But, after knowing the process of its manufacturing and specific traits, anyone can easily select their favourite online cocoa powder in India.

How to identify organic cocoa powder?

Organically procured cocoa powder is free from preservatives, pesticides and is able to retain most of the natural qualities of the natural cocoa bean. The raw cocoa beans are roasted at specific temperature and then husk is removed to retain cocoa nibs. Wet nibs are treated with hhydraulic pressure to extract cocoa butter while leaving a large amount of cocoa extract in the remaining liquid, which is ten powdered and used as cocoa powder.

You can always identify quality cocoa powder for chocolate with its richness and taste. At COCOABEAN, we assure you of the great cocoa powder quality where the richness of texture and taste, both are equally retained. A lush cocoa powder makes way for perfectly baked cakes, cookies and mouth watering chocolates.

Benefits of online cocoa Powder shopping

The raw and unsweetened taste of cocoa powder makes it perfect for baking and drinking. The additional punch of iron and magnesium makes cocoa drinks a hit for cocoa lovers who want to taste its indulgence. For people who love baking, cocoa powder for chocolate acts as a magical ingredient for baking brownies, cookies and chocolate cakes. Organic and naturally extracted cocoa powder acts as a baking or leavening agent causing cakes and cookies to rise. Due to its rich texture, the cocoa powder provided by Cocoabean imparts a dark chocolaty flavor and colour to cakes.

At COCOABEAN, you can always buy cocoa powder for baking in India that’s high on aroma. Wen it comes to balanced flavour, texture and soothing taste, there’s noting like organic cocoa powder offered by COCOABEAN. Our organic cocoa powder leaves a velvet like texture with no traces of bitterness that’s quite often found in online cocoa powder in India.

Where to Buy Cocoa Powder for Baking in India?

Buying organic cocoa powder for cake in India at retail or wholesale as never been easier. You can simply explore more about cocoa powder offered by us trug this website. We accept orders ranging from retail to bulk orders against prior payment. If you want to be assured of the quality or simply have a look at the product, please feel free to request a cocoa powder online shopping sample through us. For orders prior payment is necessary and more details are available on our website or over the call.

So, get your hands on one of best organic cocoa powder in India and indulge in its richness.

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Price ₹470.00
Short Content Natural cocoa powder with 10 - 12% butter content, good for chocolate, cake and other recipes. There is no added color or ingredients.
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