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Organically grown cocoa fruit online

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Raw Cocoa Fruit
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Ripe Cocoa Fruit Online from Our Farm in Idukki District, Kerala, India:

  • Harvested from our farm in Idukki district, Kerala.
  • Forastero type cocoa fruit, distinguished by its vibrant yellow color when ripe.
  • Organically grown, ensuring a natural and authentic product.
  • We recommend you opting for prepaid - India Post Speed Post for delivery. Speed Post is priced at 120 INR per kg, ensuring faster delivery (3-5 days) across India, as ripe cocoa fruits are perishable; delays may lead to rotting and damage.
  • We source fresh fruit weekly and dispatch on Mondays. Kindly anticipate slight delays in delivery for orders containing cocoa fruit.

Experience the rich taste of organic and freshly harvested cocoa fruit from our farm in Idukki, Kerala, by choosing our convenient and speedy delivery option.

Buying cocoa fruit online can be so confusing when you even don’t know where to find the best quality raw cocoa fruits in India? Here, at COCOABEAN, all of your questions related to cocoa fruit will find an assuring answer. Finding the perfectly raw cocoa for your cocoa manufacturing products and cocoa delicacies can act as a blessing. Getting that taste right the very first time becomes possible only because of raw cocoa fruit from our own farm. Landing into your homes directly from our organic farms, our raw cocoa fruit is the perfect fit for a versatile collection of cocoa cuisines. Anyone can buy cocoa fruit directly from our website.

Where to buy cocoa fruit in India?

COCOABEAN is the best place when one wants to procure an organically grown raw cocoa fruit in India. The perfectly rich texture and aroma soothes the senses and is capable of being the prime magical ingredient behind a variety of cocoa products and cuisines manufactured all over the India.

How to get raw cocoa fruit in reasonable rates in India?

Now, buying raw cocoa fruit online in India is as easier as ordering a pizza. Our online cocoa fruit is as fresh as ordered straight from the farm. Growing in the vast farms of Idukki in Kerala, these rich cocoa fruits are grown and handpicked to be delivered to consumers who wish to buy online cocoa fruit. Cocoa fruits are picked and shipped weekly once every Friday, to assure freshness when delivered from our farm. So please expect delay in delivery if you are placing the order in earlier days of the week. However, during the transfer process, the fruit might fade in colour a little bit.

There are three type of cocoa fruits generally - Criollo, Forastero and Trinitario. We are delivering Forastero cocoa fruits which is cultivating in our farms. For your reference you can find same in our product images in this page.

The express shipment done on pre-payment assures delivery of online cocoa fruit within 4 business days. The nnormal delivery (including for COD orders) will take 7 days, and there are chances of getting the yellow color faded during the transit for longer time. The charges for online cocoa fruit purchase depend on the cocoa fruit price in India for the specific day when you place your order.

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Price ₹140.00
Short Content Buy organically grown cocoa fruit from our own farm in Kerala. Its Forastero type pods and good for chocolatine making and planting.
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