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Premium Cold Pressed/Natural Cocoa Butter online - RETAIL

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Cocoa Bean - Retail |Premium Cold Pressed Cocoa Butter
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  • 100% pure and natural Cocoa butter sourced from premium cocoa beans.
  • We follow the cold-press method, ensuring a gentle extraction process that preserves the natural essence. This method guarantees a sublime taste that enhances the quality of your chocolates, retain the distinct aroma and flavor of cocoa.
  • Whether you're a professional chocolatier or a home enthusiast, our cocoa butter is versatile and easy to work with in various chocolate-making processes.
  • Cold-pressed cocoa butter is often favored in skincare due to its gentle extraction process. It is considered suitable for sensitive skin, offering deep moisturization without the risk of irritation.
  • Explore the convenience of purchasing our raw cocoa butter online in India, including Kerala, from

Embrace the natural goodness of cold-pressed, raw cocoa butter for sale, perfect for enhancing your culinary and skincare experiences.

Online Cocoa Butter in India that stands Apart

Buying online cocoa butter in India can become so pleasant when it is procured from the organically grown and sourced cocoa bean in IndiaOnline cocoa butter in India provided by COCOABEAN is famous for its rich and smooth texture, exceptional butter quality and smooth flavour. Cocoa butter for chocolate making acts as the basic ingredient behind a variety of chocolate brands.

Cocoa butter is made by using cold pressed method and it helps to retain the natural butter content to maximum, making raw cocoa butter flavourful and rich. Natural cocoa oil is extracted before the butter and is sign of a quality cocoa bean in India. You can buy online cocoa butter in India with an assurance of being preservative and additives free with us. We take great caution while extracting raw cocoa butter and work only at low temperatures to retain the natural texture of the cocoa butter in India.

Where can I buy online cocoa butter in India?

If you are searching for best quality raw cocoa butter in India, then your search finally ends here with us. We, at COCOABEAN offer best quality online cocoa butter in India. All our cocoa butter products in India are pesticide free, organically procured and processed with great precision. You can grab a small pack of cocoa butter or order a wholesale lot with great comfort by using our website. All the orders are payable online and are delivered with safe packaging.

How can I select online cocoa butter in India?

At COCOABEAN, every cocoa bean is carefully picked, processed, roasted and its husk is removed to create magical cocoa butter in India. Created out of the finest quality cocoa beans in India, raw cocoa butter looks rich in texture (due to bean fat), is smooth and has a flavourful taste. Rich cocoa butter is a magical ingredient making its way slowly into the skin treatment and luxury skin care products in India. Being highly rich in anti-oxidants and moisturizing content, premium quality cocoa butter in India is famous among chocolate makers and cosmetic industries in India.

You can always recognize a quality cocoa butter in India when it remains stiff at room temperature. COCOABEAN is the one stop online shop where you can purchase organic cocoa butter in India. Our cocoa butter in unrefined, as raw essence and is 100 percent preservatives and additives free.  Chocolate makers in India prefer this cocoa butter as a rich base for chocolate in Indian chocolate industry. You can also order pure prime pressed cocoa butter with us too. Theobromine oil is also another name given to cocoa butter where its magical medicinal properties are recognized by medical practitioners. 

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Short Content Cocoa butter for Chocolate making, its 100% natural and pure cocoa butter| Unrefined cocoa butter |Buy cocoa butter online.
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