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  1. Cocoa Beans - Premium (Extra Sorted) - RETAIL
    Cocoa Beans - Premium (Extra Sorted) - RETAIL
    ₹ 820.00 Onwards
  2. Cocoa Beans - Premium (Extra Sorted) -WHOLESALE
    Cocoa Beans - Premium (Extra Sorted) -WHOLESALE
    ₹ 730.00 Onwards
  3. Grade-1 | Minimum Sorted Cocoa Beans - WHOLESALE
    Grade-1 | Minimum Sorted Cocoa Beans - WHOLESALE
    ₹ 695.00 Onwards
  4. Grade-1 | Minimum Sorted Cocoa Beans - RETAIL
    Grade-1 | Minimum Sorted Cocoa Beans - RETAIL
    ₹ 780.00 Onwards
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Cocoa Beans for Sale

High grade, single source of origin Cocoa Beans are one among the very few aromatic cocoa beans for sale. This truly high-quality cocoa beans online from Farmspice traders Private limited are needed for chocolate making because of its superior, special aroma, strong quality. These types of cocoa beans are prized for its affluent and silky flavour.

We undergo all the required process to make raw cocoa beans as easy for processing. This includes fermentation under equatorial sub, later washed & dried under hot air. By doing so

We are directly collecting the cocoa fruits from the farmers in whether ghats region Idukki District in Kerala, and following quality fermentation process which we gained through 30 years of experience in this industry. We are ensuring single origin beans and sun drying the beans to ensure natural aroma and flavour. We are following hygiene process ensuring its processed under healthy and quality process. We are thoroughly sorting the beans and remove small particles, flat and broken pieces. Thus we try to sustain the inborn qualities of <a href=””>Cocoa beans</a> for sale.

Characteristics of our cocoa seeds for sale

The features that describe our Cocoa beans are,

- Grade 1 quality

- 100 beans per 100 grams

- Single origin cocoa beans

- Fermented

- Light to dark reddish-brown colour

- Readily crumbled, highly fragile kernel

As an esteemed wholesaler of Raw cocoa beans online we deal with manufacturers and the farms for a fair trade.

Becoming a truly genuine supplier of Cocoa beans online is not an easy job, we made it happened with our fair trading, distribution, exporting to wholesaler ranging top in the industry.

Our fermented cocoa beans for sale are newly processed such that it doesn't loses its nutty and crunchy texture invariably. Cocoa beans available at various forms, yet we are delivering high demand, sweeter & rich in taste Cocoa beans.

Delivering Cocoa beans online to the satisfaction of our clients is the highest desire that we have. Cocoa beans are delicate agricultural product which we deliver at best price in the market without losing quality.

Why trust our raw cocoa beans & cocoa seeds for sale

Notable benefits that one might get from us includes the below,

- Trusted quality

- Fair price

- On-time delivery

- Modern packaging

- We also have cocoa seeds for sale

An exotic bite on a piece of silky, tasty chocolate, delicious chocolate bar are the true inspiration that made us to procure very best fermented cocoa beans for sale. Our passion towards finest chocolate flavours made us India's premier Cocoa beans selling firm.

Along with cocoa beans we are also preferred supplier for Cocoa seeds. We have quality cocoa seeds for sale that gives you great return on investment.

As a legacy producer of raw cocoa beans ignites our mission to take Cocoa beans to the places wherever the demand arises.

Our packaging and shipping methods are made up with international standards in delivering fermented cocoa beans for sale. Why wait then, just place an order for quality cocoa beans that you won’t get nowhere else.

<a href=””>Contact us</a> today to know more.