The mighty misty Western Ghats while on its majestic voyage from the south of Tapti river to the southern tip of the Indian subcontinent takes a greener halt at the district of Idukki in the state of Kerala. Blessed with the highest peak of the ghats Anaimudi, and its evergreen forests home to varieties of plant and animal species, the district has achieved and maintained the prestigious title of being the largest producer and exporter of spices in Kerala. The green mountains and valleys are well known for over twelve varieties of spices including cardamom, pepper, garlic, ginger, nutmeg etc. Cocoa plants find the best habitat in these serene mountains and valleys with ample sunlight and rainfall. We FarmSpice Traders do procure the best quality raw cocoa beans from these plantations. The beans grown in these mountains and valleys are now known to the world for their outstanding quality and richness uniquely added by the high altitudes, rainfall and other blessings of nature.

Cocoa (Theobroma Cacao) is one among the most important beverage crops best flourishing in the tropical regions of the world. In India cocoa production is largely concentrated in the southern states, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra and Tamilnadu as intercrop along with coconut, areca nut, oil palm and rubber. There are four different varieties of cocoa bean namely Forastero, Criollo, Trinitario, and Nacional. Criollo and Forastero varieties originated in the Amazon basin but Forastero being a fast grown and popular variety had reached Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese colonies in South and West Africa and South East Asia. Forastero being a high yielding and fast grown variety, it remains to be the best choice for the cultivators and also the right variety for the chocolate manufacturers. Most of the Indian farmers grow the Forastero bean for it grows well in Indian climatic conditions. Kerala Agricultural University is said to have come up with seven different cloned varieties of the Forastero type and extensive research is still going on in this direction.

The quality of the bean so cultivated is invariably related to the geography of the place. Chocolate makers who make use of cocoa bean for large scale productions prefer to use single origin bean for maintaining taste consistency. Thus the external factors like availability of sunshine, rainfall and soil specifications are crucial in determining the quality profile of this wonderful fruit. We at FarmSpice thus cultivate and procure those precious beans born in the rich and fertile soil of Idukki district which has all essential climatic requirements which produce cocoa beans of best quality and aroma. Kerala being the second largest cocoa producing state in India with much of its bulk coming from the hills of Idukki, these single origin, well fermented and sundried cocoa beans are bought by wholesale and retail customers all over the world for chocolate making, production of health and beauty products and much more.

Of all the districts of Kerala, it is Idukki which has the right geographic location, climatic features, soil qualities and an agriculture loving and earth-oriented population which lives in perfect harmony with nature. With its undulating terrains, evergreen forests and fresh flowing rivers, Idukki is home for the best bean with rich aroma, smooth and chocolaty texture and high quality profile. We sell everything from raw cocoa beans to highly refined products like cocoa butter and powder, and the quality of cocoa butter obtained from Idukki hills stands above all beans from other regions in terms of its taste, texture and quality- a factor which has been consistently affirmed by our customers within India and abroad. Butter content of the beans thus produced  is relatively high making it the most preferred product for the chocolate manufacturers. We have an extensive stretch of farming area in the district with strict adherence to organic farming techniques and also, we help farmers across the district through yearlong procurement of their products there by strengthening the supply chain.  We have well equipped units for fermentation and sun drying of the cultivated and procured cocoa beans making them the best in the market ready to be delivered to different customers with different requirements.

Cocoa beans grown here are best in quality, bold in size and with an attractive bean count thus making it ideal for customers who demand single origin cocoa beans in all seasons for their products especially chocolate making industries where taste consistency cannot be compromised at any cost. Even home-made chocolates made out of the local products from the Idukki farms are relished by the travellers and tourists who keep Idukki as one among their favorite destinations.  We tap this geographic potential of the district for our valuable customers since customer satisfaction and immense support from them have rendered us what we are today and we are completely equipped to have an end-to-end process, from cultivating or procuring the beans to delivering the products on time at the desired doorsteps. We have a well established and structured online platform for customers who need to buy raw cocoa beans, whole cocoa beans, single origin cocoa beans, Kerala cocoa beans, cocoa beans from Idukki so on and so forth.

With the flourishing of online marketing and sale triggered by the Pandemic and technological enhancements, people all over the world are now able to relish the aromatic beans from the hills in their desired products especially confections and chocolates, from the bean to the bar. Cocoa beans  grown in these lands are gradually becoming the most sought after product in the international markets especially among chocolate lovers and manufacturers. They carry the secrets and signature of the mighty hills of the Western Ghats. We grow and pack that purity, serenity and quality of the hills of Idukki.